The good ones are called first. 

Today, almost 6 months to the day of burying my own husband, I sat in the funeral audience  of a dear friend as she memorialized her husband. My college friend, Mandy, lost her husband Ronnie in a tragic car accident on Valentine’s Day. They have a 6 year old son, Noah. 

  I scanned the auditorium- so many familiar faces. So many of the same friends, who just 6 months ago mourned a friend and watched his wife go to pieces, now mourning another one.  It was so strange, but I almost felt sorry for them. I felt sorry for my friends who are also friends with Ronnie and Mandy. They’ve had to say goodbye to two great men in half of a year. I questioned God in that very room, and wondered why? What is the point in this? What are you trying to show us? 

  If the deaths of two 36 year old men back to back isn’t enough to get your attention, I don’t want to know what is.   

As I looked at her across the room, I was completely heart broken for Mandy. She was so broken, yet she doesn’t know what’s coming. I know she is existing in the foggy sadness, not in the reality yet. I wanted to tell her to brace herself, the following days to come will be extremely hard as this nightmare reality sets in. I wanted to tell her that she will feel isolated and completely alone. I wanted to tell her that friends she thought she had will begin to drift as the grief gets too much for them to handle. I wanted to tell her that she will fee like she is standing completely still, while threat of the world spins around her. I wanted to tell her all of those truths. But I know her grief makes her too delicate to bear them today.

She will know them soon enough.

  For anyone who may ever read this, please take this as a wake up call to get your life in order. And by that I mean in order with God. Kyle and Ronnie were both Godly men, and are now in a most perfect place. There will come a day when YOU die. That’s a fact.  We have all sinned, but ask for forgiveness, and ask for Christ’s grace and mercy. You never know when your heart may fail or you may have an accident. This life is too precious to throw away on a chance that God and heaven isn’t real. It IS real. And I have hope for my future because of that. 


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