Our prayers for 2016. Did God hear us? 

Last year, at our end of the year Sunday School party, we were asked to write down a prayer for 2016 to be read at this year’s end. Kyle and I had a really hard end to 2015, and these prayers reflect our pain. Kyle was in his 2nd season as a Head football coach at a local private school. The 1st season was great, but the 2nd year, well let’s just say it was not pretty. They only won one game- Game #8 out of 10. He was fired shortly after the season ended.  Private school culture is “complicated”  behind the scenes, and personal gains of others take precedence over what is sometimes right.  I took his firing very hard – I’m a 2nd generation alumni, and I felt like that was “my” school who did him wrong. But anyway, enough about that for now…

When I first read our prayers from last year, I was so sad, a little angry, and couldn’t help but to ask God “why?”. Why did we have to have 2 hard Christmases in a row? Why did we have to endure those tough times? Why was Kyle’s last year on this earth one of the hardest? In one short year, we went through job loss, we both lost our grandmothers within a month of each other, and then we lost Kyle. Why is God putting us through so much?! I can look at this now and realize that even in losing Kyle, God was answering our prayers. He was preparing us. If Kyle wouldn’t have been fired, he wouldn’t have found a new job back in public school, where he was happy.  We wouldn’t have had insurance, or his state retirement benefits. God set all of that in motion! God knew Kyle had a bad heart, and he lined everything up to protect us. During our time at the Private school, he and I developed so many true, loving friendships with parents and players. Those people have been by my side through Kyle’s death. God was building us a flock during those years.  He was pushing us closer to each other and closer to Him. We spent a lot of time praying, and growing stronger. Through our difficult year, I know Kyle grew even stronger in his walk with Christ. I have not one doubt in my mind that he burst through the Heavens and net our God. Now it is my turn to cling to the cross until my family is reunited in heaven.

The above cards were our prayers at the end of 2015.  #goodbye2016 #onedaycloser #beautyfromashes #isaiah61


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